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...And some of us are in the gutter, thoroughly enjoying the view.

28th April, 2014. 10:07 pm.

...I kind of want to hug Gordon Ramsay. I've just started watching Kitchen Nightmares expecting DRAMA and FLAILING and swearing everywhere, but - just - inspirational speeches. Ye gods and little fishes, he's like a foul-mouthed kitchen Optimus. -Or maybe Ratchet. Tough love that gets the job done! Hugs! Speeches.

We've got most of the paperwork done for Pepper's visa. So, so much hweeking - there's only one little bundle of stuff I need to send over to her. Hweeeeeek. *wiggling*

I've bought a bike off Mum while mine's getting looked at - somehow the wheel got kicked or smacked and it's BUCKLED, who knows how. O_O Mum's is a little sit up and beg bike, which is new to me - it's comfy and has a decent basket, which is awesome, but it's a little short. XD Maybe when I get my bike back this one can be a moogle's~

(Augh, stuff has been happening, just not making it onto IJ. XD)

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11th December, 2013. 9:52 pm.

Argle bargle bargle.

Finally got around to getting my train ticket up to Winterthing and they've gone up £20, oops...though East Coast tried to dollop another £25ish on top of that for no good reason, but I found it for the original amount from one of those bargain train ticket sites. Much better~

Now I'm just quietly chewing my nails that they actually turn up and they actually work. >_>

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31st July, 2013. 9:25 pm.

The cute little glass dishes I bought mini cheesecake in are now filled to the brim with cherry crumble. MUAHAHAHA *lighteningannathunder*

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28th July, 2013. 7:53 pm. know what? I don't feel like a shower tonight, I'm going in to work tomorrow with rose scratches on my knees and grass stains on my feet. It's been a peaceful long weekend outdoors and I want to hang on to that.

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25th May, 2013. 4:45 pm. At least I smell rather nice now. Eu de sage and lavender, who knew.

Back lawn cut, AGAIN. Sweet Angelica tamed, sage and lavender hacked back so I could find the path, that heap of old leaves and pots and outright junk FINALLY moved so Mum and Trevor can take it to the dump in a fortnight's time...

All that, and I have washing drying outside on the line and a batch of cookies waiting downstairs.

........well, most of a batch of cookies. Ahem.

Not bad for a half-day's work, and now I have the rest of the bank holiday weekend to recover from all the aches and pains I'm pretty sure I'm going to wake up with tomorrow. For one thing, I heaved an old stone pot full of rubbish down to the other end of the garden, put it down and gouged a lump out of my finger right by the nail, courtesy of a sticking-out nail in a lump of wood that I hadn't seen. I swear, the last couple of weeks it's been all-out war declared on my fingertips...

Now, though, I'm going to have a nice hot bath and watch a Let's Play of Bioshock Infinite. There shall be cookies. Yeeeeeees. </megatron>

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31st March, 2013. 4:14 pm.

I've bought a tiny cheap iron and ironed all the shirt-shirts I own - enough to last a working week, at least - and emptied the bins, put on two loads of washing and tidied the edges of a bit of wallpaper in the hall that's been annoying me. I can't hoover because Ben's still asleep, but I feel better about the general state of the house; I'll feel better still when everything's been properly sorted out with the last of Ben's stuff's bringing over next week. It'll all start shaking down properly then. The kitchen's already had a re-arrange so Ben's got more cupboards in the actual kitchen, rather than just the big one in the utility room and a couple of drawers. I didn't realise he didn't have more than a couple of plates and bowls of his own - literally a couple of plates and two- no, three bowls. That's it. I'm glad I still had Mum's old crockery; he can have all of that and the cupboard it's been taking up as his own.

It's - comfortable, so far. It's not been awkward, even when Louise (his girlfriend) stayed a couple of nights. They sat playing Resident Evil, I sat with my laptop and occasionally googled clues for them - it's been nice.

Ben's moving in properly on Tuesday, when he's officially out of his old flat; we'll see how things go when I have to go to bed several hours before he does and get up early. I'm not looking forward to that part on many levels, but on the plus side tomorrow's a bank holiday and springing forward an hour isn't quite so bad. XD

The heating's been playing up; it's a 24-hour dial with pins labelled A to D that make sure it comes on twice a day like it or not, though you can move the pins around to change when it comes on and off, but the last couple of days it's not been coming on in the afternoons unless you manually poke the toggle that the pin is supposed to activate. (If that makes sense.) And then when you do toggle it, it won't turn off unless you poke it either! Time to poke the landlord too.

I'm trying not to worry about First Day At New Job on Tuesday, but - well, that's going to happen regardless.

My exciting life, everyone. XD

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7th December, 2012. 7:46 pm. 'Nana bread.

Mostly for my own reference, since damn I got annoyed at myself for not reading the whole recipe here and measuring out a bowl of flour way too early. XD And I fudged it about a bit, but it came out well anyway.

'Nana bread, makes 1 loaf that lasts as long as you can bear to leave it.

- 3 bananas (apparently them being overripe makes them easier to mush, but who has the patience? Not me!)
- 2 eggs
- 4oz butter
- 1 tablespoon vanilla essence
- 4oz brown sugar
- 8oz self-raising flour
- chocolate chips to taste (I just get a packet of the Dr Oetker ones, since it's easy and you get plenty for this. Or a cookie recipe.)

Put the oven on Gas Mark 4. Then check oven really is on 4 instead of 3 3/4 because the knob is finicky.

Cream butter and sugar together until delicious. Add the vanilla, eggs, chocolate chips and the bananas you forgot to mash beforehand. (Slicing them not-too-finely and them mashing them a bit with the fork as the mixture gets thicker works fine.)

Stir in the flour a little at a time so it doesn't attempt to explode out of the bowl.

Grease a loaf tin to give your arm a rest, then pour in the 'nana mix. Lick fork, bowl and scraping device thoroughly.

Leave in the oven for 1 hour-70m until you can skewer it and have a knife come out clean of anything but melted chocolate, then run said knife between the 'nana bread and the tin to loosen it and shake out onto a cooling rack.

Ignore any advice to leave it to cool. Well, not too much. It is DELICIOUS warm with a scrape of butter melting into it.

Offer it around so that all may share in, admire and praise the 'nana bread of nom.

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28th October, 2012. 1:17 pm.

Oh most wonderous and happy time of the year! THE CLOCKS HAVE GONE BACK! *stays in bed an extra hour*

Seriously I've been so tired lately it's not even funny. It's hard to get to sleep, meaning I'm tired all day at work, I'm snuffly and trying to figure out whether it's because of Oncoming Cold or thanks to the mad rash of Symptoms that have exploded this month... The tension headaches/earaches/neck-and-shoulderaches have made a reoccurance all this past week, I had a week of not-quite-anxiety-attacks the week previous, so much DO NOT WANT I can't even tell you...but at least I haven't sunk neck-deep into apathy and emotional meh. I'm plotting what to do with the last two rooms in the house and what to do with the holly tree bits I'd cut down, AND getting excited over that, so at least I've got that. I just...really hoped that was done with. As it is, I've still got a lingering headache.


I did babble on some more after this, mostly about my favourite part of the upcoming holiday season arriving - buying/making presents! Whee! - but IJ ate it. Thank you VERY much. *pokes it grumpily* Anyway, yes. I've just gone and cut back the bushes out the front so I can get in and out of the front door without the Indiana Jones theme playing, so that's done, and I've only got two rooms of the house left undecorated. That's - not a bad record, I don't think. The living room is now a glorious Milk Tray purple with black paintwork and a soft snuggly purple on the other walls, and I don't think I'll ever get over how amazing this fact is. Purple room! And it looks awesome! My living room can cosplay as a Decepticon base! EEE!

I've also taken down the big cork noticeboard in the hall, and the shelf under it after some deliberation, so it looks bigger in there. I might leave it like that after I sneak some wallpapering in before the landlord can paint over that peeling wallpaper. >_> I call it saving him from himself, frankly. And besides, the same wallpaper on one wall on the landing and in the downstairs hall with the blue paintwork and cream walls to link it all up will look rather lovely, I think. (Mum did make oh-no noises when I made a vague allusion to doing Something to the front bedroom, saying we'd already painted the one non-papered wall, but given that said wall was painted with lumpy, drying paint and looks pretty rough in more than one sense of the word, I'm probably going to constructively ignore that.)

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8th October, 2012. 7:26 pm.

I've sort of been neglecting IJ in a sense, partly because Pepper and I RP in comments which doesn't require new posts exactly and partly because I seem to have been possessed by a mania for decorating.

The utility room is now a rather fetching shade of sky-blue and white, though we'll see how long it takes for said white to start acquiring crop circle-esque handlebar marks from my bike.

The kitchen - well, I can't yank the tiles off the walls, so I've sort of had to work with what I've got. I did manage to hew the godawful lumpy artex off most of the walls, and believe me at times I was wishing for an axe but managed to get most of it off with a filler-scraper-thing. I lost a fair bit of skin off my knuckles in the process, but what I couldn't hack off I sandpapered down and filled, so aside from the short wall behind the kitchen door there are no vicious surfaces waiting to claw my hands to bits! Muahaha!

I'm not touching the hallway or the stairsif I can help it, since the landlord's insisting on keeping the wallpaper and painting over it, and if he'd rather do that than strip the peeling mess off and paint that instead? Be my guest. XD

I have wallpapered on the landing, and OH GOD what a nightmare that was - three doorways to cut around, argh! - but I have to say, despite having to re-do one strip entirely and having to practically glue the very last corner together with invention and wallpaper paste, it looks damn good. I also discovered how gloss paint is a tool of the devil and makes my hands flare up like nobody's business, but when you're done, the paintbrush is a gloppy mess in the bin and you don't have to worry about brushing up against it by accident? It does look good.

My room's done, with the glorious floral wallpaper that kickstarted this current burst of insanity/inpiration, and I've re-jigged it so I've got more floor and it feels more like my space, rather than somewhere I've temporarily thrown my stuff. It only took me just over two years to figure it out, but hey... *snrk*

The bathroom - well, the bathroom is an ode to Slaanesh, let's put it that way. Now if I can only keep the landlord from potentially killing me for painting a few of the tiles, I'll be golden...

...I have plans for the living room, but they're still percolating - it involves large amounts of purple and the leftover black and green paints from the bathroom, though - and I have vague ideas for the second bedroom, but I'm not sure I like them as they stand. MY LIFE. HOW EXCITING.

Honestly, though, I'm liking this surge of drive and having a project. I just really hope it's going to hang around and I'm not going to sink back into apathy when I'm done and don't know what to do with myself again - I hadn't realised how long I'd been quite so, well, listless until first the garden and then the house demanded my attention. It feels really good having a big project to work on. I've never had a whole house to play with before.

That said, getting a bug in my bonnet yesterday and winding up cutting about 7' of holly tree off the tops of the two remaining trunks was perhaps a tad ill advised, even if I do now ADORE my pruning saw even more than I did before. (An hour to cut through two trunks each as thick as my upper arm? HELL YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU I'LL HAVE ANOTHER.) I got it done, and in record time too, but I also hit myself in the eye with the blunt end of a branch and now have a lovely blood spot on my right eye. ;¬¬ It doesn't hurt much, but ugh, so stupid. It's getting dark earlier and earlier, too, so I'll have to be quick about cutting it up. That's plenty of firewood, there.

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16th September, 2012. 9:28 pm. This looks fun.

I found this on Tumblr and just had to show it to Pepper. She promptly gave me Skyfire/Starscream. XD For convenience's sake, I'm fudging things around to fit some hypothetical maybe-war-period-ish-but-probably-not, since we have no canon on pre-war Them and they'd, well, be too busy shooting each other to grouse about whose turn it was to wash the petri dishes that day.

Give me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who... )

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