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...And some of us are in the gutter, thoroughly enjoying the view.

25th August, 2012. 7:35 pm. Today's thunderstorm lasted for five, maybe six hours on and off. I'm impressed.

Right. Now the garden's just got to grow into its grass seed (and the last load of green bin stuff has to go, and taking the tops off the last two holly trees I couldn't get to before Dad bought me a pruning saw as a present...) I'm attacking my room.

Well, putting up wallpaper, anyway.

I've got one week until the school term rolls in like a juggernaught and squashes me flat, so I'm going to get it done this week or bust. *determined!* So, yesterday I moved all the furniture into the spare room and stripped all the paper off along with the liner that was underneath it, and today I filled in all the holes from taking off that horrible red-brown wooden rail that dug into my back whenever I tried to lean against the wall. Plus a couple of spot where the rail had been glued to the plaster and bits had come off, ahem. There's a patch of - sort of dusty mould (?) that I've bleached the hell out of, sanded and still can't quite get rid of, but since the landlord said he didn't want to know about any problems I found while I was doing this and anything I broke I'd have to fix, I'm going with 'bleach, filler and leave' if he's that disinterested. *huff* Whoever did the DIY before he bought the place was pretty crap at it anyway, from what I can see now the paper's off...

I've also sanded the horrible red-brown skirting boards and started painting them a creamy colour, ditto the bright green wardrobe doors and doorframe and the doorframe into the room. Not sure what I'm going to do about the bedroom door itself yet, but give me time.

I've bought some gorgeous wallpaper with huge creamy-white roses and green-gold vines on a black background, and when I've finished the paintwork - hopefully tomorrow, or monday if it needs three coats, which it might - I'll get on with that.

I've never wallpapered anything before. I know all the theory, but... *fidget* I'm also not sure whether I need to line the walls first. I mean, they're going to be bumpy regardless, no matter what I do with them. If Dad ever gets around to ringing me back I'll ask him; he's actually done this before. *snerk*

I should also really be trying to go back to the 7-4 workday sleeping pattern, but trying only makes me miserable and it won't sink in until I go back to school anyway, so why bother? I never sleep the night before going back anyway, so whatever I do I'll be a zombie. ;P

And now, I break into the chocolate box I brought back from Whitby and flop for a bit.

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7th August, 2012. 6:44 pm.

As of this evening, I now have a bank of earth partially fronted with big rocks for the FIRE PIT, a maybe-halfway finished wall of bricks to edge the back flowerbed at the end of the garden, all the overgrown lumps of edging and paving have been removed and Ive gone through almost all of the bag of grass seed it took nearly an hour and a half's faffing with the buses to get today. *cries* I'm going to need another bag to do the end of the lawn, where it comes up to the gravel spit - which I'm moving a bit further back than I was going to, after changing the idea from a hole in the ground of sorts for the FIRE PIT to a proper grassy bank to sit on. The edge of the bank evens out and I'd have to edge it like, I dunno, I'd cut a chunk out of Hobbiton, which would look rather silly, so instead I'm going to move the gravel back another foot or so. I've gained that much from moving the bank back, and there's still going to be plenty of room for people to sit under the tree on the gravel, so it's all good.

I just really, really don't want to have to go to B&Q AGAIN and do the two buses there, one buse back nonsense. *cries*

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26th July, 2012. 1:00 pm.

Mmf. I should really get up and go get something to eat, but I've finally got a decent night's sleep, the sun's shining but there's a breeze so it's not as horrible and arid as it's been the last two days, and all I want to do is laze around in my pyjamas and be comfortable.

On the other hand, if I get up and go out for some eggs, I can has both a sammich and more cookies. Dilemma.

I am going to end up perfectly spherical before this baking kick goes away, I can see it coming.

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15th July, 2012. 2:34 pm. I are Constructicon, hear me roar!

So, today I have:

-begun to dig up a bush
-broken brand-new birthday present of a tiny fork on said bush
-*epic guilt*
-dug up the rest of the bush with a shovel and a saw
-dug up a ginormous daisy bush eating the lawn
-moved all the bricks, slabs and little red slabs so I could take up half the tiny patio
-edged the first part of the gravel spit with some of the Big bricks
-made a set of three steps across the garden to the greenhouse out of the little red slabs
-wished dearly for the rake I asked for, instead of the broom I got. ¬¬
-mused on how I freaked out at a frog yesterday, then went all gooey at ADORABLE TINY NEWT today
-had 'Equestria Girls' stuck in my head the entire time.

Project: FIRE PIT is doing some serious moving, but I need a rake to sort the existing gravel from the debris so I can put down the salvaged gravel from the greenhouse. THEN I'll have a bucket free to empty the little pond a bit at a time into the big one, THEN I'll be able to throw out the liner and start moving earth.

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23rd June, 2012. 11:51 pm. Yay!

Dad's Father's Day present arrived! XD A week late, I know, but after going through Paul Kirby's website looking at Discworld stuff for ideas, I'm glad I waited. Now Dad's got a Librarian badge and an Unseen University t-shirt waiting for him. ^_^

And I got myself Angua and Magrat magnets. *grin* Saves on the postage.

Might have picked up Captain America and Thor from as well, just to use up some of my birthday money. *whistles* I'll need something to relax with when the exams are done...

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8th June, 2012. 6:28 pm. Musics!

Since I've been heiniously negligent with my IJ lately and because Koifish demanded it, a playlist I've put together to a) stop Ben playing one CD on repeat all the way to Nottingham and b) not be the only one singing in the car and have a cranky sibling snap at me, dammit. ;P I basically went through my iTunes picking out everything I thought would get Dad, Sharon and me singing along and not make Ben want to claw his ears off too much, so it's veering a tad middle of the road, but still. I also had to make it fit onto a CD, so my method of choice to whittle it down from three hours long to just over one was to have one song only for every letter of the alphabet with no band repeats, which didn't quite work but was a useful guideline. XD

1. All Fired Up - Pat Benatar
2. Battleship Chains - The Georgia Sattelites
3. Cool For Cats - Squeeze
4. Dancing With Myself - Generation X
5. East Bound And Down - Jerry Reed
6. F-F-F-Falling - The Rasmus
7. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - ABBA
8. The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
9. I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) - Meat Loaf
10. The Last Sasketchewan Pirate - Arrogant Worms
11. Mamma Mia - ABBA
12. My Perfect Cousin - The Undertones (This one, admittedly, was mostly to see if I could make Ben laugh.)
13. Over The Hills And Far Away - Nightwish
14. Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
15. Radar Love - Golden Earring
16. Summer Of '69 - Bryan Adams
17. Turning Japanese - The Vapours
18. Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles
19. We Close Our Eyes - Go West
20. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) - The Beastie Boys

Considering that I was only really planning to sleep and loaf about this week - which, admittedly, I've done a great deal of since I was still cranky and dozy by midweek as I caught up - I at least feel like I've done a fair bit of stuff. The plushie Ben asked me for just as any inclination to knit dropped off the face of the earth is now finally done, for one thing. The garden has been thoroughly weeded and almost all of the dead wood I've been trying to get rid of is gone, at last, with the best bits saved for either the fire or, er, the bonfire, and the grass is finally coming up. Success!

Now I just need to not get washed away in my tent tomorrow night, and I'm good to go. *amused*

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21st April, 2012. 9:33 pm.

Ouf. I'm currently covered in scratches and bloody pokes all down my arms, across my stomach and thighs and I've got a purple-green bruise decorating one boob thanks to a persistant branch, but the 15-plus-foot high holly tree in the back garden is now significantly shorter. Considering that I was going at it with a two-step ladder, several paving slabs and a hand saw I've been using since I was coherent enough to be allowed around sharp objects, I don't think I've done too bad - of the five scary-tall sprigs coming off the main trunk, I've cut back the thinner three that I could actually reach. The other two are about as thick as my arm or thicker; there's no way I'm cutting them down, even if I could reach them past the curtain wall of spiky bits in front. Those last two may well be a job for the step-uncle with the chainsaw.

This also means I've got a small mountain of holly tree to cut up and fill the green bin with again, to go along with the pile of clematis vines and the wooden portcullis-box-thing from the last time I had chance to be destructive in the garden, sigh. The green bin goes out once a fortnight, so there's a good two months worth of stuff sitting around to go out and getting in the way. >_<

I was going to see about moving the greenhouse today, despite my reluctant promise to Mum that I wouldn't move it on my own...I said I'd wait for some help, namely Dad, but since the man's not going to be around again until maybe June it looks like I'm doing it myself. Oh well!

...Honestly, I wouldn't mind having the help. THat thing's damn heavy thanks to four lumps of concrete on each of the corners, and it's damn unweildy too, but I know Dad'll start fiddling about and looking to do other thing to help, and the rest of the garden I want to do. I've not had the chance to change things around on this scale before and it's taken me this long to get what I want percolated about into a proper Plan, and I want to do it myself. I've already pushed back the flowerbeds, demolished the pagola-box-trellis-thing and the clematis - reluctantly, I like clematis - and chopped it all up tidily to go in the recycling, and my grass seed is FINALLY starting to come up in all the spots, if really slowly and haltingly, but it's going. I like doing this all on my own; it's a Project, and it's something I can do by myself, for myself, without someone telling me I'm doing it wrong or that way doesn't make sense or it's foolish and should be done some other way. All right, yes, I could have called someone with a chainsaw and had them do the tree instead today, but dammit doing it myself even part-way was worth the scratches and the aggravation and the afternoon's work because it's set the height for how the other bits should be done. It'd look silly having them all different lengths, so while I'll need help to finish it, the standard is already in place and the rest will have to match it.

(I'm also gleeing quietly at Commissar Cain. Yes, again. Yes, about the references and name-droppings again. I still can't get over that ship named Trespassers William. In this particular incident, Amberley the Inquisitor is posing as a noble Lady with one of her support troops playing her chauffeur for the night, and the whole thing - the 'Home, milady?' 'Home, Pelton' and the 'playing the role of driver as convincingly as a marionette' and the 'I'm posing as a minor noble from the Kreytonward System (Creighton-Ward! Lady Penelope!) - is one glorious ode to Thunderbirds. Be still my fannish heart!)

Speaking of fannish hearts - hey, Dragovian, I found a Galaxy Rangers annual in Whitby and thought of you. Do want? :D

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5th April, 2012. 5:18 pm. Meme!

From [info]koi_lungfish, which I had both missed and completely forgotten about. Ask seven questions, receive seven questions if you ask for them!

1. What sort of sponge is best - treacle, jam, marmalade, chocolate, other ?

Ooh - this really depends on mood of the day, really, since if it's a day when Nothing But Teacle Sponge Will Do, it's a foregone conclusion, but I think the best kind of sponge has to be a jam sponge pudding. Victoria sponge is overdone and I do like treacle sponge, but the way hot jam goes crystalline and chewy = ultimate nom.

2. One day, you wake up and your entire headcast is gone completely. What do you do?

FREAK OUT. Then start texting around to see if they've moved to someone else's headspace, depending on who to where - I'd be surprised if FLower'verse and the Mays ended up with Rath, for example - then try telling myself I was tired or ill or something and they must just be hard to hear.

After that, I'd be very upset if they didn't come back of their own accord or if there was some kind of something to give a clue to where they'd gone! ;_;

3. What article of clothing do you not own that you wish you did?

A corset. I'd love one on general principle, but they're expensive and thus I'm paranoid that the one I eventually picked wouldn't live up to my expectations.

4. What is the appeal of cuteness and fluff?

The world's a horrible, cruel, dark place often enough - cuteness and fluff are my bit of escapism. And a natural by-product of being a 'Boots, if you ask Pepper. XD

5. One of your AUs is being canonised - which one, and in what media [game, cartoon, comic, etc]?

Ooh! Well, Fluffiroth/On Broken Wings is technically Pepper's so I can't really say that, but...hmm. XD I suppose I'd rather like to see someone make a high-quality anime-style cartoon series of the stars-AU that has the dryad treeships, if only so someone with greater skill than me can draw the growing grove. *hearts*

6. The people making the canon of you say one character has to be significantly changed, one has to be cut altogether, and a new character has to be added - who, how and why?

Waugh! Hum - I suppose you could add in various new characters as the series goes on, since we've only got a vague plot structure so far and they haven't run into much in the way of overarching plot until the Autobots turn up. Maybe some kind of regional Decepticon subcommanders as orders are passed on...

The thought of cutting out stars hurts, not to mention it would throw off the family dynamic they've got completely, but cutting down the Autobots and Decepticons wouldn't be hard. Probably paring it back to the S1 cast; I wouldn't mind cuting Shockwave out AT ALL. He probably wouldn't mind either, given what fandom's been doing to his character lately.

As for significantly changing a character, that would take some serious thinking about, especially coming from an AU that's already diverged pretty far from canon and the fic/second AU it came from! They've all been significantly altered already. XD I did have an idea for changing Centauri's background around so he's more like the Sun Priest version of himself from the Pantheon AU, but that would mean figuring out what kind of place various religions hold in a world with dryads and great forests and everything else...

7. You get to build your dream house. What's it like?

Either a castle or a windmill, I'm not sure yet. XD There's a reason why I'm on version one million and three of designing the Dream House, and it's not just because I can't decide on the wallpaper! I'd love to live in a castle, but I haven't been able to find a layout that I like, and I'd ALSO love to live in a tower/converted windmill of some kind so I'd have a completely round house, several storeys tall - ideally it'd be a mixture of both, but I've yet to find a way to make that work. XD

Either way - pale sandy stone, thick walls and lots of windows, and at least one turret somewhere. Also some kind of battlements to sit out on in the sun.


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15th March, 2012. 8:32 pm. Ouf.

...Wow, been a while.

Operation: Fire Pit is a go! -Before anyone starts getting worried about my latent pyromaniac tendencies, this pretty much means I'm getting into a swing of mad gardening. And by gardening I mean moving the greenhouse across the garden, taking down a wooden frame sheltering a broken compost heap, pushing back the higgledy-piggledy flowerbeds and growing, y'know, a lawn big enough to put a blanket down on.

And turning the spit of a pond at the far end of the garden and the surrounding gravel under the nut tree into a space for a FIRE PIT. The FIRE PIT is going to be this semicircular depression walled with stones, with a few rocks or tree stumps or something suitably FIRE PIT-esque to sit on. I got introduced to the concept by Sharon's Nottingham Contingent at their annual Ray Mears weekend, where there is a large buffet and their own FIRE PIT which is rahter more impressive than my mini one will be, but this might get me to cook actual healthy food at various points of the year. It's healthy if it's outdoors, right?

(And yes, the FIRE PIT must be said that way. That's how they do it in Nottingham, so I'm reliably informed, and that's good enough for me.)

Basically, Spring is beginning to Spring and I've got into an upswing of digging things up, moving things around and being productive. As this replaces a dragging week or two of distressing apathy and eating chocolate biscuits, I'm all for it! I've already dug a pit for the greenhouse to be moved into - okay, a rectangular, flat-bottomed six inch deep pit, but it's still a pit! - and dug up the redcurrant bush today, to go to an aunt's garden where they actually like redcurrants. I am indeed my father's daughter; I felt bad that I don't like redcurrants and they were being wasted with not even the birds eating them, so, voila! Solution! I just hope they handle the move okay - and, er, that it fits into the car.

The panic attacks have also more or less gone, aside from a few rather horrible fits when I'm just about to fall asleep in bed and am thoroughly shocked awake by thoughts of my own inevitable demise, and I think I've given myself some kind of nervous tick when I see the word 'marry/married' written down anywhere, but that could just be from reading the newspapers.

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22nd February, 2012. 6:38 pm.


Well, the week of the great moogle migration was - decidedly silly and definitely awesome. We broke no small few brains there. ^_^

On the downside, my laptop went out with a whimper rather than a bang on the sunday night; on the upside, I decided to use the money Grandad left me to buy a new one now I had something Sensible to spend it on. I'm now sitting typing away on a rather natty new laptop; the very first brand-new laptop I've ever owned! *squees* The keyboard's going to take some getting used to, but it's fairly comfy to use, and it's a nice stable broad thing that fits comfortably in my lap. On the downside, the screen isn't as high as it is wide, which always annoys me for no reason I can adequately describe and doesn't look the way I thought it did online. Ah well.

I didn't think it would turn up in the same muddy puddle shade as Mum's laptop either, but I have since decided it's the same kind of dusty purplish colour of G1 Shockwave and have taken this as a sign that the poor sod is hiding from his new status as go-to Worse Guy in TF fanfic, hanging about bemoaning his fate in a laptop as a holiday. XD Well, he'll certainly get some distraction here!

I also managed to re-log in with my usual Trillian account, but I couldn't remember my password for the life of me after trying about a million combinations that I would swear were right. This happened the last time I had to try and re-install it; I'm starting to think it eats my password just to mess with me. Pepper's sent me most of the ten days or so that I lost, and I've got it all saved in the relevant files on my external, I just wish I'd had the foresight to back my entire history of everything up like I've done a couple of times...then again, if I was psychic, I would have bought a new laptop just before my poor ancient one went 'biewwww' and went all exanimate on me.

Still, is a shiny, and I have a prettything to play with. ^_^ Now I'm on it, I suppose I'd better get a new phone deal that can handle twitter, and a phone that isn't held together with tape...

(This also means I'll be about for chat tomorrow, hooray! Apologies for missing the last one, guys, but - yeah, kind of terminally indisposed. XD)

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